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The new ACAVALLO® girth savers are in line with our company philosophy focusing on the special needs of the horse and its well-being. These products are a real innovation, although based on only two simple and well-known materials: Acavallo® gel and sheepskin.

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New OPERA SERIGRAPHED HORSE BOOTS (AC4G Front boots – AC5G Ankle boots)

The “New Opera” Boots: Innovation, creativity, reliability, functionality, practicality will make the Opera Horse Boots the first choice of professionals and amateurs alike. A new line of horse boots where design and technology blend seamlessly, creating unique models never before seen on the market!

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The New Opera Stirrup: Innovation, creativity, reliability, functionality and practicality will make Opera stirrups the first choice of professionals and amateurs alike.

They are the most comfortable stirrups available on the market today.

By developing the new Opera stirrup, Acavallo® has implemented its ideas and concepts of a new dimension of riding comfort and safety in a single product. The core component and most striking feature of this innovative product is its special patented loop suspension.

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